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Specialized in:

  • Rigid endoscopes: large choice of superalloys for urology, arthroscopy, laparoscopy…
  • Flexible endoscopes: tubing for articulation joints
  • All other material for tubular components: AISI 304, AISI 316, Monel


Minitubes advantages:

  • In-house tubing and component production
  • A choice of PH grade materials: MP35N, Phynox, 17.7
  • Very strong mechanical properties, UTS up to 2000 Mpa
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Round, oval, square, stepped tubing
  • End forming, polishing, assemblY


At your service:

  • From single components to complex assemblies
  • From the design step to serial production
  • Eager to develop new processes to meet your technical and ramp-up requirements

Minitubes, from the design stage to final assembly:

  • We will work with you to develop your endoscope design: our experience in problem solving is available to meet your specific technical challenges.
  • Express prototyping: quick turnaround at the design stage. To quickly test your ideas, our dedicated team will produce your prototypes, with in-house tubing production, CNC component machining, fabrication and assembly.
  • Fully integrated tubing production, to control the key parameters, such as surface finish, dimensional accuracy and material for small and larger quantities.
  • Choice of materials, because stainless steel is not always the best answer to your requirements for corrosion resistance, strength, magnetism.
  • Special alloys designed for thin wall but very stiff tubing.
  • Various geometries, optimized for your specific use: multichannel, side hole…
  • A variety of fabrication processes: Swiss turning, bending, swaging, flattening, drilling, EDM cutting or machining, punching…
  • Surface control: buffing, electropolishing, passivation, coatings…
  • A variety of assembling techniques: welding, laser, plasma, TIG, brazing / soldering / glueing / crimping…

Quality assurance at its best: ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 13485-2016.