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With 15+ years of experience in heart valve tubing, MINITUBES offers the perfect tubing solution for your balloon expandable valve development.

Full valve size range : 19mm – 35mm

  • Straightness ≤ 2mm/m for consistant laser cutting
  • Tight control over OD +/-0.05mm for easy processing
  • Proven implantable CoCr grade *MP35N for biocompatibility & Cleanliness. Other raw materials on demand.
  • Consistent WT +/-0.02mm for uniform behavior
  • Controlled mechanical properties for homogeneous crimping and deployment
  • Smooth OD & ID surface Ra < 0.2µm for device finishing

Tubing is the heart of your device, select it with care.

  • Worldwide support and deliveries
  • Supporting your development from Prototypes to Commercial volumes
  • Robust inspection and formal certification
  • Dedicated Raw Material inventory for long procurement time mitigation
  • Prototype to custom size and properties within 4 weeks
  • Stock tubing available within 1 week – Most common sizes available

Contractual requirements applicable to our THV tubing are defined in the standard specification CDC-05975 (available on our website).

Need for tubes with unique properties for your delivery devices? Contact us, we have solutions!