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Leading custom manufacturer of high precision miniature metallic tubing, tubular parts, and assemblies.

We bring innovative solutions to your needs and assist you with your tube, part, or assembly design. A large choice of materials from stainless steel to nickel alloys, superalloys, implantable materials, and many others.

We have the staff and the manufacturing means to satisfy all your requirements of lead time, quality, and competitiveness, from prototypes to high volumes.


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Minitubes’ expertise covers the manufacturing of custom tubes from a wide variety of alloys in stock or on request:

  • Cobalt-Chromium alloys: L605®, MP35N®, 35N LT, Phynox®, Elgiloy® …
  • Precipitation hardening process on request.
Cobalt chromium alloys


  • Stainless steel: 300 series & 904L.
  • Nickel and nickel alloys: Ni series, Monel®, Inconel series, Ni-Cr & Hastelloys®.
  • Precious metals: gold, platinum iridium, palladium, silver…
  • Tantalum.
  • Mumetal®, controlled expansion ferrous alloys (Invar®, N48, N52, FeNiCo).


  • Patented customer alloys: with a long experience in material management and process development, Minitubes can produce tubing from patented customer alloys.

Our specialists are available to help you select the best material for your application.


We specialize in small diameter precision metal tubing. These tubes can be produced in straight lengths or coils.

The smallest ID is 25µm, the largest OD is 30 mm.

Difficult specifications and tight tolerances (up to +/- 2 µm) are part of our daily routine.

The tubes can be welded redrawn or seamless.

CUT-OFF for burr-free components.

Depending on material, dimensions, tolerances, finish, edge radii and volume, Minitubes offers a wide choice of cut-off solutions: abrasive, milling, EDM, ECM, shearing, turning, laser.

These techniques are complemented with polishing, edge radius forming, passivation and coating.

Very competitive solutions are available for each case, particularly for high volumes of precision components with demanding quality requirements.


Countless tubular component possibilities: from cutting to length to intricate assemblies.

Minitubes has developped unique technologies to manufacture tubular components.


Laser, plasma, TIG and electric welding, high and low temperature soldering, mechanical adjustment, crimping,glueing.

Because we manufacture the tube, parts and assemblies, we are the only contact you need, even  for the most complex assemblies.

The inside surface finish control enables unique performances in critical applications such as IVD probes.

Custom tubing

Custom tubing